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Whether you want to fly with your pet on the same flight, or if you would like your pet to fly out separate to yourself, we can arrange everything, including all the veterinary checks, boarding and transportation to the airport.

PetAir Scotland is IATA, IPATA and DEFRA approved and as such we have accounts with all the major airlines. If an aircraft is licensed to carry pets, we can book animals on that plane which means we can fly pets to virtually every destination in the world!

Attention to detail is the key, and from our custom made wooden crates, impregnated with reassuring pheromones, we ensure every pet is as settled and relaxed as possible prior to departure.

The Team

Our senior flight booking team is comprised of Matt, Denis and Catherine. Each member of the team caters for respective different parts of the world. They know all the routings, flight changes, scheduling and even the size of crates which are permitted on which flights!

Flying over 100 pets a month, we need to be at the top of our game and that is why we have a such a comprehensive team as well as a 24hour emergency line offering ultimate peace of mind to all our clients and their animals.

The Journey

The key thing with booking a flight is that the journey is as short as possible for your pet. We make sure that any connection times are minimised and take time to do a route plan working out the best journey for each individual animal and destination.

Where in the plane does my pet travel?

Pets travel in a specially prepared area of the cargo hold. It is pressurised and heated to between 50 and 70 degrees F. It is kept dark to help the animals to sleep and to decrease stress.

Will my pet be comfortable and safe?

Pets are required to travel inside IATA (International Air Travel Association) approved containers. These containers must meet rigorous guidelines for welfare and safety, allowing enough space for your pet to stand up, lie down and turn around.

We provide a custom built kennel that not only conforms to these regulations but also features an absorbent base layer and comfortable soft bedding as standard. Our crates are made of wood in order to minimise noise and temperature variation and we also impregnate them with reassuring pheromones which settle and relax pets. All our crates have to be "just so", not too big so that the animal feels insecure and not too small so that they don’t feel cramped. We pride ourselves on crates which are the perfect dimensions for your individual pets.

It is inadvisable to have too much free space as this affords less protection should there be any turbulence and we take this into account to achieve the perfect dimensions.

What Happens if I have to suddenly postpone my flight!

Circumstances do change and if your flight has to move at the last minute or a situation arises whereby you need to fly your pet at a different time, we can organise this and rearrange things in a flash – taking care of every aspect and rearranging things as required.

Even better, because of our affiliation with all the main airlines, you will not be charged for the cost of a last minute cancellation and only the administration costs of reapplying for permits and paperwork. We can even look after your pet for you and do any necessary vet checks before flying your pet out to you a couple of days later if a last minute situation requires it.

We normally charge a £30.00 admin fee and you would be responsible for extra kenneling

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