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1. Obtain a quote

JackieContact our competent and conscientious quote team to talk through your requirements and the options available. Ideally, try to measure your dog before you contact us for an accurate estimate of costs as travel is based on the size of your pet (no need to measure cats).

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2. Book the flight

AirportWe can work this to suit you by either booking your pet to travel on the same flight as you or to fly at a different time. We have strong relationships with all the major airlines and if a plane can fly a pet, then we can book it. We select the flights carefully and always offer the shortest and best journey for your pet as a first option.

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3. Arrange documentation

DocumentsWhether it be Pet Passports, import permits, custom clearance, veterinary tests, or owners declarations – we can take care of absolutely everything to any destination in the world.

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4. Custom crates

Custom CrateWe tailor the crate to suit your pet or pets. Not only is this often economically to your advantage but it ensures your pet travels in a secure, safe and reassuring environment. All our crates are sprayed with species specific appeasing pheromone and comfortably lined with special bedding that ensures they are always dry throughout the journey.

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5. A smooth and Safe Journey

Pet Air VanWhatever works best for you, we can pick your pet up from your door or meet you at the airport to check your pet in for the journey. Either way, everything is checked by our team prior to travel to ensure not only that your pet is calm and comfortable, but also to ensure all the paperwork is in order.

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